Excursions: Ópusztaszer, Kecskemét, Budapest



The competitors will visit the National Heritage Park in Ópusztaszer. They will spend a whole day in the Amusement Park with several activities: they will play traditional games, bake traditional bread, visit the giant Panorama painting about ancient Hungarians and have a look into the village life of the 19th century.  



Competitors will attend a whole day excursion to Budapest. They will visit the most famous attractions will have enough time to walk in the city and feel the atmosphere of the sparkling life here. At the evening they will have the opportunity to make photographs about the night Budapest.
Divided in two by the Danube, the city is made up of Buda on one side: with Ottoman-era thermal baths at the foot of the spectacular Gellért Hill, the royal palace and Matthias Church, it radiates calm and peace. One the other side lies Pest, vibrant and lively, with its slew of museums rich in cultural and historical treasures, extraordinary Secessionist architecture, its majestic Parliament building considered as one of the most magnificent in the world, Saint Stephen’s Basilica surrounded by pedestrian streets, and its entirely renovated Jewish Quarter and the Royal Palace District.

Kecskemét and Puszta Program in Lajosmizse


Jury Members' first stop will be Kecskemét during their whole day excursion on Thursday (18th July). This city in the geometrical middle of contemporary Hungary has a 650 years heritage being the main borough of its surroundings. Nowadays Kecskemét is one of the largest industrial center of the country having the Daimler factory, providing job opportunity for more than 7000 workers. During the short visit Jurors will have the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the Main Square from where you can reach not less than eight churches of five religions in 5 minutes. Visiting the Art Deco Town Hall and the New College gives an insight into the vibrant architecture life of the 19th century. As Zoltán Kodály was born here, the Kodály Institute, well known worldwide as one of the global centers in Music education, can be found in the city center, too.

After spending three hours in Kecskemét, Jury Members will visit the Great Hungarian Plain, where they can see things which are 30-50 kilometers away. This unique geographical area gave opportunity to many farmers to run their own agricultural businesses for centuries. As the state of the art technology and the giant agrarian firms substituted this traditional way of farming, the preservation of the heritage is crucial. Jurors will participate in a traditional farm grill party and attend the "Puszta Wrangler Horseman Show".